Best in Class Support

Support, training, how-to's, webinars, and compliance information for your office

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• Unlimited technical support usage (call as many times as you need to with no cap on the number of calls you can make)
• Toll-Free phone number (call on our dime, not yours)
• Access to our live-answer call center (you are not calling someone's pager or leaving a message in a general mailbox)
• Option to use our call-back-in-queue feature (on busy days, the system can hold your place in our support queue without staying on the phone)
• Knowledgeable technicians who can diagnose the issue and explain the needed resolutions (they speak plain English, not 'computerese')
• Entirely U.S. based representatives (no language barriers or lousy phone connections)
• Email support access (if an issue lends itself more to an email than a call you have that option)
• Remote access capability (some issues can be resolved faster if our techs log directly into your system to fix it).
• Unlimited access to our product tutorial training courses
• Priority seating to our weekly web training sessions
• Access to basic and advanced technical documentation
• Online manuals and quick tip sheets
• All Forté360 Total Care members receive full version upgrades automatically sent to them completely free of charge (this alone is worth hundreds of dollars on an annual basis)
• Free training sessions and tools (via the Forté360 website)
• Electronic billing setup fee entirely waived through SecureClaims ($299.95 value) or setup fee waived to enroll in ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice)
• Free address changes and clinic name changes as needed
• Free expanded access to our premium Forté360 website (
• Access to our user community to get tips and tricks from other software users, employees, and developers
• Extra information on training, support, practice management, industry trends, best practices, and more