Client Testimonials

What our customers have to say

"I wanted to send a sincere and strong recommendation for Josh Nation. He worked tirelessly to assist the group from Ingenix to figure out our clearing house issue. He stated to me he will "work like a dog" to solve this issue. He communicated at times 4- 5 times per day working with our IT department to solve this issue. He kept me updated and worked to solve the issue. He would tell us I will call tomorrow and then follow up as he had promised. We are a small Chiropractic Clinic in Minnesota. 'Cash is king' in our business and with out cash we can not function. He worked hard along with Ingenix to solve our problem and get our cash flowing. He is an excellent worker and understands the clients dilemma and works to solve this issue. Thank you for all the hard work for our company. We are glad we purchased the 8000 thru Mandy Chinn and we are pleased with the clearinghouse after Josh's hard work."

Dr. Jeff, Minnesota

"The report center is great for keeping current with goals and stats. The 8000 has made our billing procedures easy to maneuver within the program. Most rewarding, using the 8000 has increased collections using outstanding claim tracers, and monthly reports. The 8000 is very convenient and user friendly."

Brenda (Office Manager), Tennessee

"The 8000 has provided a number of areas to save time and money. The electronic billing works well - fewer steps to complete tasks. Statements print faster. No Show Lists help to keep track of missing patients. The flexibility allows us to go from page to page easily. The staff embraced the the 8000 software as it was very easily trainable."

Connie (Office Manager), Pennsylvania

"We have used the 8000 for 15 years and it has been a steady progression in the evolution to automate our office. It is simple to use and has many features including inventory and report writer. It has been very good at keeping track of patient billing and basic information."

Dr. Mark, Pennsylvania

"Thanks for your help today!! You did a great job!!"

Susan (Office Manager), Pennsylvania<

"Thank you so much for your assistance today. You are the best. truth be told you've helped me in the past and you are my fave. Thanks!"

Martha (Office Manager), California<

"Thanks a lot, each time I learn more from you! Thanks again."

Dr. Monir, Texas

"I can't thank you enough for ALL of your help this morning. I had a list of things to get a handle on, email settings set up & testing, search report generator and how to formulate different reports/lists for emailing, how to save lists in excell and export so I can send out for printing mailing pieces. You are very knowledgeable, explained things well, took the time to answer my questions and were very pleasant and understanding. You made my day! My week!"

Dr. Sandra, Indiana

"Dear Michael & Josh - I want to thank the two of you for such a wonderful job. I was stunned @ how much I didn't know. You answered all my questions & opened my eyes to just how very much we could do to utilize our software & become a paperless & way more efficient practice. I was amazed & energized by the new technology. I would highly recommend this to all staff & doctors using Forte. Over 20 years of using your software & missing the boat by not finding out until now what all you offer. Thanks for making this possible. We want to implement all that you taught us, as soon as possible."

Elaine (Office Manager), California

"Another testament to your great customer service."

Nathan (Coordinator), New York

"Hi Breanna! I just wanted to say Thank You, to you and the staff at Forte Holdings. Your service has been very helpful throughout our process of integration, set-up, training, and everything in between. It has been a pleasurable experience of doing business with you. Hope you have a wonderful day!"

Chad (Director), Ohio

"I am writing in response to exceptional good service I received last Friday from one of your 8000 support techs, Tyson Cutler. I've spoken with Tyson a number of times when I've called tech support, and am always especially pleased when I get him. He strikes me as intelligent and knowledgeable about computers and the Chiro 8000 software; however, he is also polite and pleasant, and my experience with him is always good. Last week, however, Tyson "went the extra mile" in helping me. This entire year has been extremely difficult and challenging for our office. We learned a valued employee was stealing with us. We hired a new doctor, and after only eight months she left us to work at another clinic. We've had insurance and electronic filing issues, requiring us to spend untold hours on the phone with tech support at several companies. Then, in the midst of our own personal nightmare, along comes Tyson Cutler. He didn't mind admitting he didn't know everything; he took the time to research our problem; he treated me with great courtesy and respect, even when I accidentally kept hanging up on him and having to call back; he continued to work on my computer until he found the solution to my problem and fixed it, which took a considerable amount of time; he continued working on it even when I had to leave the office. The people who work in tech support are the face of a company, the ones with whom the public most frequently comes in contact. They make a company look bad, or they make them look good. Customer experiences with tech support can determine whether they continue to purchase products or services from a company, or not. Tyson Cutler makes Forte look very, very good. Tyson didn't just fix my computer; he brightened my entire week. My congratulations to Forte for having the good sense to employ techs of such high caliber as Tyson."

Karen (Office Manager), Virginia