Compliance Information

Your certified EMR/EHR solution

• Forte Holdings - FortéEMR 3.0

Certifying ATCB: Drummond Group Inc. | CHPL Product Number: 12182014-2502-6
Classification: Modular EHR | Practice Setting:Ambulatory
Additional Software Required: None

Description: Drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks
Description: Drug formulary checks
Description: Maintain up-to-date problem list
Description: Maintain active medication list
Description: Maintain active medication allergy list
Description: Record and chart vital signs
Description: Smoking status
Description: Incorporate laboratory test results
Description: Generate patient lists
Description: Medication reconciliation
Description: Submission to immunization registries
Description: Public health surveillance
Description: Patient specific education resources
Description: Automated measure calculation
Description: Access control
Description: Emergency access
Description: Automatic log-off
Description: Audit log
Description: Integrity
Description: Authentication
Description: General encryption
Description: Encryption when exchanging electronic health information

Description: Computerized provider order entry
Description: Electronic prescribing
Description: Record demographics
Description: Patient reminders
Description: Clinical decision support
Description: Electronic copy of health information
Description: Timely access
Description: Clinical summaries
Description: Exchange clinical information and patient summary record
Description: Calculate and submit clinical quality measures

Description: 0013 Hypertension: Blood Pressure Measurement
Description: 0018 Controlling High Blood Pressure
Description: 0024 Youth Weight Assessment
Description: 0028 Preventive Care: Tobacco Use Assessment and Cessation
Description: 0038 Childhood Immunization Status
Description: 0041 Influenza Immunization
Description: 0052 Use of Imaging Study: Low Back Pain
Description: 0061 Diabetic Patients who elevated mmhq V140/90
Description: 0421 Adult Weight Screening